Monday, October 8, 2012

Casino Games Available On iPhone

With the Apple iPhone 5 about to be released it will soon be possible to get your hands on the best mobile device ever made for playing online casino games so you will want to make sure that you are playing the best ones. To help you choose here are some of those that are generally less popular when playing online.

These have been selected not because they are dull and boring or because they have a poor standard of software and game play, but simply because to win at these games you need to be a very experienced casino player.

A game to steer clear of playing on your iPhone if youre new to casino games, from this point of view, is Keno. Keno is entirely a game of chance and is similar to a lottery. You pick a set of 1 to 15 numbers from 1 to 80.

The casino then draws 20 numbers from 1 to 80, and the more numbers that match your original choice the more you win. The amount that you win is determined by pay scales and there are no fixed rules by which these are calculated.

If you compare Keno with a game such as roulette, with a house edge of just 2.7%, you can see that as an inexperienced gamer your chances of winning at Roulette are around 10 times higher than at Keno.

Another iPhone game with a very high house edge is Craps; though here the house edge depends on the bet that you make. If you just make pass/come, dont pass/dont come, and place 6 to 8 bets the house edge is no more than 1.5%, but if you get ambitious and bet on any craps then the house edge soars to over 11%.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Top Free Android Apps For Productivity

Tablets are widely supposed to be for surfing the Web, texting, sending and receiving email, but these mini computers are also used by a great number of people for productivity creating various content. You can see several people using these devices for serious work airports and coffee shops.

Tablet productivity can be improved a lot with the help of various apps. There are a great number of free Android apps that enhance productivity and make the task easier.

Free Android Office Apps:

There are several Android apps that make Office better. The free android office apps are explained below:

Catch Notes app This office app offers up a simple but effective collaboration tool that supports voice as well as text notes.

Fill & Sign PDF Forms app This application does exactly what its name suggests.

GO Contacts app this Office app allows users to search fast and merge all entries. For the cautious, it also offers backup and recovery.

iTranslate this apps proclaims itself the universal translator. Though its voice recognition is somewhat irregular, yet it works quickly and well for email and files.

Kingsoft Office (Free) This app is nearly as good as mobile offices get. Its word processor and spreadsheet compare satisfactorily with Google Docs.

Kingsoft Office (International) This app offers up support for forty five (45) different languages.

OliveOffice Premium This is an Office suite .pdf and .chm files, along with word processor and spreadsheet/

OpenOffice Document Reader This application is just a fundamental necessity for the users of LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice.

Presentation Pal This Office app named as Presentation Pal runs presentations directly from your mobile device.

Qoppa PDF Reader This is a faster app as compared to the widely used Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Zoho Invoice This application permits users to create an invoice on the spot, and then email it.

Free Android Graphic Apps:

Tablets small displays are less than ideal for graphics work, but you can enhance graphics experience on tablets by using the following apps:

AutoCAD WS This app allow users to annotate and edit AutoCAD files.

CamScanner PDF Creator CamScanner PDF Creator app ads scanner and fax abilities to your tablet.

Photo Editor App You can also edit photos making use of Photo Editor App.

Vector Draw Beta This app helps you to draw with the help of your fingers.

Free Android utility app Fontomizer allows the user to display different languages on the screen, as well as make his/her own more readable.

In addition, there are some free Android online apps that add to tablets productivity. The apps are as follows:

Bittorent Beta This is very helpful in reducing pain of limited storage; and Chrome, Firefox and Opera Mobile Web Browser whose minimalist design makes it well-suited to the tablets screen.

Besides techniques for basic jobs, productivity needs utilities to turn the work simpler. A basic sampling includes Fontomizer, Currency Converter, Expense Manager, Financial Calculator in addition to RealCalc Scientific Calculator.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kobo To Roll Out New Android Tablet Kobo Arc And A New E-Reader Kobo Mini

Kobo is rolling out an innovative tablet device and a more compendious e-reader as it eyes to swell its market share and fight with Apple Inc and Inc in the continuously growing mobile device market.

Toronto-based Kobo, possessed by Rakuten Inc, Japans leading e-commerce worker, will announce the latest devices by the next two months, as Amazon, the globes biggest web retailer, reportedly gears up to reveal a new tablet, together with an upgrade of its well-known Kindle e-reader.

Kobo, which has e-reading application programs for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and other high-tech devices, will call its tablet machine Kobo Arc.

Chief Executive Mike Serbinis stated that Kobo Arc will hit shelves in an 8 GB edition, which is valued around $200 and a 16 GB edition will cost $250.

Moreover, Kobo Arc will boast high definition displays, front-facing cameras and 1.5 GHz double-core CPUs. Kobo is also introducing an innovative e-reader nicknamed as the Kobo Mini.

The Kobo Mini is a small 5-inch gadget that will have an e-ink touchscreen and 2 GBs of storage space. Books, newsprints and magazines can be transferred onto the $80 device by the use of a wi-fi or micro USB link.

Kobo is also rolling out an enhanced edition of its flagship e-reader, which will be named as the Kobo Glo, a latest 6-inch e-ink touchscreen tool, which will boast a modifiable front light.

The Kobo Glo, valued at $130, also has 2 gigabyte of memory and the alternative to increase this capacitance by making use of a micro SD card.

The devices will start hitting shelves in early October. Mini and Glo the two devices that are e-ink readers will come out first, Serbinis stated.

The Kobo Arc, our new Android-based tablet, will come out in November. All devices will be revealed at an occasion in Toronto on September 13.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Android Smartphones Nano, Satellites in Space, NASA

We all have been using smartphones for quite a while now using mobile OS such as iOS, Android, RIM etc.

And they have eased as well influenced our lives in many different ways but the one that has dominated the smartphone market is Android. Google has certainly provided the world with something amazing and now they are taking this amazing operating system to the next level. Android works pretty well on Earth but how will it work in outer space.

To answer that question, NASA is conducting some experiments; the team at NASAs Ames Research center in Moffet Field in California has recently been reported to conducting experiments regarding miniature satellites based on Nexus One Android handset.

Called the PhoneSat by NASA, the project is basically part of a larger program called the Small Spacecraft Technology Program. Basic idea behind this program is to transform small consumer electronics into nano satellites and send them into space. We still do not have any word as to when the PhoneSat project will be launched but we are told that by the end of the year three PhoneSat will be blasted off into the space.

According to the details provided by NASAs Space Technology Program, they have already created two prototypes and will be launched at different dates. The first one is called PhoneStat 1.0 which is more of a mini-model and provides little functionality.

It will work as a test dummy and if demonstrated the capabilities of sending back operational health and image data from space, it would certainly open doors for new possibilities.

The satellite is made up of almost four primary parts, two of which are the external radio and the external batteries and the third one is Nexus One itself. The fourth and the most important one is the watchdog circuit which will scrutinize the whole system and may reboot Nexus where necessary.

All of this will then be translated into a small shell, not bigger than a coffee cup, and to ensure the smooth working of the satellite three such cup are added with each weighing around 4 pounds.

Then there is PhoneSat 2.0 which is much advanced satellite, it performs same functions but its much advanced.

Instead of Nexus One, there is Samsung Nexus S in it along with two-way S band radio along with a GPS receiver and solar arrays. PhoneSat 2.0 will be able to dig further into the space with the help of solar array whereas radio will help command the satellite from Earth.

It is also integrated with magnetorquer coils, simply put they are electromagnets which help interact with Earths magnetic field and also with reaction wheels to steer the unit in outer space.

NASA has been pushing Nexus One to its limit just to ensure how it will perform. Back in July 2012 NASA launched 2 Nexus Ones into space, one set crashed landed while other survived, they have also put PhoneSat 1.0 to thermal vacuum test and vibration and shock tables test and it came out successful in all the tests.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Look At Chinese Low Cost Android Tablet Market

The tablet has become a device that seems to be found in many homes these days, especially in the wealthy part of the world, where people can afford it in addition to their regular laptop.

Wherever you go in the west though, chances are that each coffee shop has its own share of tablet wielding people, which watch videos, tweet and update their Facebook, while sipping on their lattes. While millions of tablets are being sold, not everyone is able to afford the units sold by the best companies, so models from Apple, Motorola or Samsung are usually out of reach for many people.

The Chinese tablet market is dominated by this kind of customer, the one that cant afford to spend a lot of money on a device he will use for entertainment only. Some of the popular cheap chinese android tablets include Ainol, Onda and Cube. You probably wont recognize these brands if you live in the US or Europe as they are marketed almost exclusively in China and some parts of Asia.

Western citizens generally have a certain idea about Chinese made products, knowing that theyre cheap and in many cases lacking in quality. For many of their products, it seems to be true that you get the quality that you pay for, but that is not always true.

Since quality is often associated with high prices, companies are able to raise their prices and convince people to pay them, simply by getting their logo on a device. The truth is, Apples iPad, iPhone as well as Samsung line of Galaxy Tab tablets were all made in China, so products of quality do come out of this country. You just have to know where to look.

One big difference between the Chinese and the American tablet market is that the manufacturers from China also have to compete with the international companies with better brands. Chinese brands dont stand a chance in the US against giants like Apple or Samsung, and they have a bit of a battle with them on their own turf as well. They fight on price usually, being able to make their tablets locally and passing the savings to the consumers.

The Chinese companies that make tablets usually do it just for the internal market, so they try to create products that are affordable and at the same time they dont have a huge difference in performance and quality from the models that are imported and more expensive.

Their challenge is to create products which have the same capabilities as the expensive devices sold by the giants, with good battery life and smooth gameplay experiences for games like Angry Birds.

While there will always be companies that try to sell knock-offs, the Chinese market has plenty of legitimate companies that are trying to sell to the local consumers quality products built locally.

The truth is that in many cases theyre succeeding and some of these tablets are good enough to be comparable with tablets offered by the big brands.

The design of these tablets is certainly quite slick in most cases, insuring that youre not going to attract attention by going with an ugly tablet at the coffee shop.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Android Tablet Gaining Market Share From Apple

A piece of good news for android tablet fans. In a recent study done by Frank N. Magid Associates, android tablets are fast closing the gap in terms of market share with Apples iPad. Frank N. Magid Associates found that the iPad share went down to 50% from a record high of 72% during the previous survey.

The main reason for the huge market share is the introduction of cheaper android tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7. If you take into consideration for example, the Google Nexus 7 which cost $199 verus the new iPad which starts at $400, its easy to see why.

Microsoft Surface is also expect to take some market share away from Apple when it launches so Apple is facing tremendous pressure to respond. An article here on iPad3-release suggest Apple might release the iPad Mini in September to regain its lead by offering the cheapest iPad ever offered. However, at this point, whether iPad Mini exist is purely rumor and the pricing is not known.

With that said, the survey conducted was only with around 4500 smartphone users so may not be a true indication of things. One of the main reasons consumers buy iPad in spite of its higher price tag has been brand loyalty and the size of its App store (around 500,000 apps). Simply put, it has apps available for just about everyone.

If Android ever wanted to be the dominant market leader in the tablet market, it is vital Google started to place more emphasis on getting better quality developers on Google Play.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Amazon is working on new tablets

Amazon has big plans for the tablets and is hopefully going to outperform Samsung as both the companies are rushing to capture the second position of the tablet market behind Apples iPad. Amazon is going to introduce five to six tablets as stated by the Demos Parneros, President of US retail for Staples to Reuters. Amazon has not commented on the report as of yet. Amazon started shipping the Kindle Fire, a 7 long-anticipated tablet following its e-reader success. It cost $199.

Though some speculated that the release in November might not help in boosting the sale but that point was proved wrong and the device was sold like a hot cake grabbing about 17% of the world market. Samsung also had the shipments of table in the fourth quarter raised to 5.8 percent from 5.5 percent in the previous quarter. Amazon had a loss on hardware with the Kindle Fire and it focused on the sales by offering MP3, movies, apps and games.

As per the reports in the next two-three months, Kindle Fire had 2.5 times more paid apps downloads as compared to Samsung Galaxy tab though the number of owners of the Samsung are almost twice than that of Kindle. Since the day of the Kindle launch in November 2011, Amazon has been working on the different Kindle Fire sizes. DigiTimes reported that 8.9 and 10.1 inch models are in development. New York Times reported recently that Amazon is working on new version of Kindle Fire with a larger display and it could compete with iPad directly.

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