Thursday, June 14, 2012

The 4 Top Notch Magazine Style RSS Apps for Your Android Tab

Nowadays people do not like the textural presentation of RSS feeds and with the aid of android tablets it has become quite easy to get the same with attractive app design. The RSS readers have been agreed with this development and that can deliver the contents from numerous sources to the subscribers. There are some devices that have reading RSS apps and here are some examples.

Google currents

It is the official reader app from Google and it is inspired from Flipboards design and that has some deficiencies in the form of special features but it is getting better.


It is the one which is not confined for Apples devices. It is designed in such a way so that readers can get the feeling of flipping the
pages of magazines. The latest Android beta version is really user-friendly and you should surely give it a try.


It is renowned app for iOS but the drawback of it is fragmentation of Android. If you are having Sony android then you may find some problems with Zite but it is still a great magazine style RSS reader for your android even with its faults.

Pulse News

It is first aggregation apps in the Android platform. It is similar to BBCs news app and in each row you may find the news from different source.

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