Friday, June 15, 2012

ASUS reveals the Win8/Android Tablet in Computex 2012

With the Computex 2012 already started, the focus is on the smartphones and tablets this time. The ASUS-Taipei is not only going to reveal to the participants about the notebooks and tablets only but it has come up with the ASUS Transformer AiO, which has a dual booting Android and the Windows 8- all together in a single desktop.

It can be docked easily and it has a screen section that is removable and can be used for the use on the desk. It has an 18.4 inch touch screen.

The screen is a LED supported and supports 10- point multi-touch. From the main Windows 8 Operating System, it could switch over to the Android mode. As per the revelation made in the Computex event, it would not be easy to carry this tablet home in a bag and work from tablet.

Basically the screen has a wireless display for the Windows 8 OS so it should be kept within a certain range of the base station. The company has not shared much of the technical details but as per the analysts the users would get the 3rd Gen Core range from Intel, an optical drive and more USB ports.

Via: ASUS reveals the Win8/Android Tablet in Computex 2012


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