Friday, June 15, 2012

Google to keep Android Tabs and Chrome OS separate

Google has declared new PCs functioning on its Chrome OS.

The Samsung-made laptop computer and desktop PCs consist of CPUs based on Intels Sandy Bridge expertise, addressing disapproval that the launch models were underpowered.

Chrome-based PCs run all their application programmes via the companys internet browser and store their files on the web.

Google has not announced sales figures for the preceding range, but analysts stated that demand has been too low.

Tech consultants IDC stated that 50,000 Chromebooks had been sent to the US during the first three months of 2012 in a market, which had engrossed approximately 10 million laptops over the same period.

A previous research by Gartner hinted that there would be fewer than 300,000 Chromebooks sold globally in 2012.

Google said that software updates had assisted enhance the computers pace with the intention that they functioned 2.5 to 3.5 times faster than before.

Betterments comprise greater utilization of the machines graphic processing units and tweaks to make sure the system runs Javascript more expeditiously.

A forthcoming software release will also allow the companys Google Drive cloud storage service to work as the computers file system, making it simpler for users to handle their docs.

It will also permit users to correct Google Docs files when offline.

The Chromebook laptop is commercialized for $449/379 while the desktop Chromebox is $329/279.

Via: Google to keep Android Tabs and Chrome OS separate


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