Thursday, June 14, 2012

Apples iOS 6 vs. Android ICS: iOS 6 has the Edge

has recently unveiled the upcoming version of its mobile operating system, the iOS 6, which boasts of its as many as 200 new features.

It is but natural for tech enthusiasts to make a comparison between the iOS 6 and its biggest rival Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
When it comes to apps, Apple clearly wins. Apple offers a whopping 650,000 apps, of which 225,000 are available for the Apple iPad. On the other hand, Android offers 450,000 apps, but tablet specific Android apps just pale in comparison with Apples offering.

Moreover, Apple has given due importance to privacy. The iOS 6s new do not disturb feature provides a great help to those who use iOS-based smartphone or tablet for some serious work. Privacy feature allows users to remain abreast with what apps are tapping into their location, photos, calendars, contacts and reminders.

Apple also ditched Google Maps as a default maps service in iOS 6 in favor of its own maps service. The Cupertino firms new Maps app comes with voice navigation feature, real-time traffic data, and is capable of providing alternative routes with any change in traffic conditions. Moreover, Siri the unique personal voice assistant feature of iPhone 4S will now be available for the iPad too, thanks to iOS 6.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich has its own goodies, but iOS 6s new features outshine most of them.

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