Friday, July 13, 2012

Acer Tablet Portfolio Case: A Review

The Acer Tablet Portfolio Case has two kickstands and no opening for the power chargers. This deficiency does not allow it to become the best tablet case in the market. The users will get to see a large plastic strip covering an adhesive of the same size when they first open the Portfolio. When the plastic cover is taken off, a sticky panel is there to which the tablet is attached when it is in the case. There are no additional straps which lock the tablet in place but the adhesive is there to hold the tablet in place firmly.

Design of the cover

This case goes with all Acer Android tablets of 10-inches. When the tablet is in the case, the cover opposite to it folds over the screen and the flap from the adhesive-side cover folds over that. This makes it look like a secure and safe case. The cover is dark gray in color and the material used for this case is polyester and the texture of the material is quite strange. This is one negative point about this case. The dual kickstands allow access to most of the ports. When the cover is closed, it can access all the ports very easily. The kickstand can be kept flat if one needs to type or the tablet can be kept at 30 degrees which is a convenient positions for typing. When the kick stand is up, the rear camera gets covered by the bottom of the case.


The portfolio case can give ample screen protection to the device as the corners are covered and the material of the case extends over the tablets edge to provide enough protection. The kickstand collapses t oo frequently so it becomes difficult while typing.This is one big negative point about this case. The tablet cannot be kept in the case and charged at the same time. This is another huge disadvantage of the Acer tablet case. Overall, the Acer Tablet Portfolio does not seem to be a good buy. It has some negatives about it which outshines its positivities.

Below we have briefly highlighted the positive and negative aspects of the Acer Tablet Portfolio Case.

The Pluses:

The Minuses:

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