Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adaptxt Tablet Beta comes to the Play Store

There are number of people who like to type on tablets and can do it efficiently. Those who have Android tabs lack this experience. Until we are conversant with the use of the shape-shifting touch screens, we can enjoy using the smart keyboard apps already available in the market.

We recently had a look at the Adaptxt for Android smartphone and we found them to be quite impressive in terms of features, support to the users across the globes and the ease of use. Adaptxt is developed by KeyPoint Technologies and is known to be quite popular against the other competitors Swiftkey or Swype.

Today the beta app of the Adaptxt Tablet got released by KeyPoint on Google Play and these are designed for the Android slates very specifically and are meant for the Androids of all shapes and sizes. Adaptxt for Android is quite a good and stable app and has a number of features and interactive sessions for the users.

Adaptxt uses all the extra space given by the tablets and there is no overcrowding of the keys and the user interface. The suggestion bar comes either on the top or at the bottom of the rows of the keys and it depends entirely on the personal choice. Adaptxt Tablet Beta is available for free on the Play Store so no need to wait any more.

Below have a look at the Android Authority review of the Adaptxt Tablet app.

Via: Adaptxt Tablet Beta comes to the Play Store


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