Wednesday, July 11, 2012

App Review: Firefox for Android

Mozilla, a pioneer in the field of web browsers, recently announced the release of the newest version of Firefox for Android devices.

The newest version of Firefox for Android promises some very significant enhancements over Dolphin as well as the default Android Web browser. Lets take a look at how Firefox is better than the browsers currently available for Android.

Impressively Faster:

The new Firefox for Android is an impressively fast mobile Web browser. Users can see pages popping up very quickly as it consumes less time in loading pages.

Easy to handle:

While the previous versions of Firefox for Android were clunky and tricky to handle, the newest Android Firefox version is much more custom-made to the mobile experience. It h as enhanced tab and menu button which quickly brings up your key features like bookmarks, downloads, add-ons, and settings of any mobile browsing experience.

Syncing becomes easier:

Syncing up your mobile Firefox Web browser to your desktop browser has become easier with the newest version. It requires you simply logging into your desktop Firefox browser, clicking on the sync button on the Android Firefox start screen, and finally entering an undemanding 3-line code into your desktop browser.

The newest Android Firefox is Mozillas big step forward, and it is expected to encourage rival mobile web browsers to improve page loading time.

Download Firefox for Android from here: Mozilla Firefox

Via: App Review: Firefox for Android


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