Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 5 Fresh Android Games

With Android now the dominant force in smartphones and even in tablets, we are seeing more and more developers creating games for the Google-based operating system. This is great news for us and for you, because who doesnt love playing games on their smartphone or slate? Now, weve all probably played Angry Birds to death, drawn more pictures on Draw Something than we would ever care to remember and sliced way more that our five-a-day on Fruit Ninja, so what other games are out there?

Well, downloading this list of the top 5 fresh Android games, so keep you satisfied for a little while.

1) Monster Ate My Condo

Adult Swim is renowned for general producing bizarre games and there is nothing stranger than Monster Ate My Condo. Basically (as you might have already guessed), this game is about monsters, ghastly looking creatures that love to tear apart cities. Your job is to keep them from doing this by ensuring they are well fed. This game might well be one of the strangest that you play this year, but it will also be one of the funniest.

2) Frisbee Rush

Because of the expense of your smartphone, using it as a Frisbee is something you have probably never considered you best use an old Nokia 3310 for that. However, just because you cant physically throw your phone doesnt mean you cant enjoy playing Frisbee with it. Frisbee Rush allows you to use your handset in conjunction with your desktop to bring the game to life. Old school fun for the smartphone generation!

3) Call of Cthulhu: Wasted land

For all you RPG and strategy gaming fans out there, Call of Cthulhu could be your new found obsession. There is the clichd story line of ancient enemy carries out dastardly plan and must be stopped by a team of investigators (you) before things get out of hand, but it really is a classy, smooth gaming experience. Its pretty scary in parts too! But still, the game looks great, and youll be able to enjoy its graphics on big and powerful smartphones like Samsungs new Galaxy S3 with quad-core CPUs or tablets/phablets like the Galaxy Note.

4) Quiet, Please!

Interacting with your environment and solving puzzles both key elements of the old-school adventure game. Thats what Quiet, Please! offers. 16-bit graphics and simple gameplay equal hours of fun! This game will run on any smartphone, even on old ones, which is also a big plus.

5) Movie Star Planet

Ever wanted to see what its like to be famous? Well, Movie Star Planet offers you the perfect opportunity. This social game allows you to make yourself into a star and rise through the ranks toward A-list celeb, updating your status and signing autographs for fun. Probably not one for the boys, but great social gaming nonetheless.

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