Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sony planning on a mass Google Android 4.0 update for its Tablets

Sony gave a formal statement on CNet in which they announced the inclusion of Google Android 4.0 in all their upcoming tablets. They added that the inclusion will be done via over-the-air updates. It has been a long time since Sony started considering the update and now they have started to take the step. The company had been keeping eager people in the dark regarding the date o f the initiation but they finally disclosed it last Sunday.

It is being said that the process has already been started by Sony in parts of US and Europe as there are many Sony Tablet S users who have received Android 4.0 via over-the-air updates. But the speculations are true only for US and not for Europe as Sony has yet to start updating its Tablets in Europe. This process has only started for US and will now be moving towards Europe and Japan. Presently the Tablets that are present in Europe and Japan are being operated on Android 3.2.1 which is an old version. So now, Sony is carrying out a mass update which will automatically update all the Sony Tablets across the world shortly.

A panoramic camera mode is one of the topmost updates that Google has made regarding Android 4.0 and adding to that, there is a gallery viewer that has been re-modified with an SD card access slot. There are several more updates such as browser enhancements, bug fixes, etc. The security updates features of Android 4.0 have also been upgraded to a great extent and any person who has been using Android since a long time will get to know the difference between the predecessor versions and the new version. All these features that Google has updated in Android 4.0 are quite justifiable with the device that they are being fitted into. And since it is the latest version of Android in the market, thus the response will be immense as technology geeks always go for the latest product to hit the market. Since Google is about to unveil Android 4.0 into the market, thus other product launches that were to take place have been postponed accordingly as every company knows how big, this release is going to get. Android is now creating waves in the market with almost every Smartphone having Android OS.

It has been a while since Sony started manufacturing Tablets into the market and these Tablets have shown immense progress in the market. US, Europe and Japan are considered as the prime locations where the latest updates on technology take place and this is the reason why US was one of the first countries to get an over-the-air update of Android 4.0 on Sony Tablet S. Owing to the anticipation that is building regarding the launch of Android 4.0, Google is in intense conversation with five manufacturers of the tablets and thus plans to set foot in the highly-fruitful Tablet PC industry.


Via: Sony planning on a mass Google Android 4.0 update for its Tablets


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