Saturday, May 26, 2012 now on android devices

It has been quite a long time sinceTurntable has made its presence on the iOS devices. Since its arrival in September 2011, this app has managed to get some serious fan following on the iOS devices. The app is now trying to make its presence among the android users as well.

Turntable allows you to play you favorite music together with your friends, family or other people online. In Turntable, each DJ will play a song one by one and the entire virtual room could hear the same song. Users are allowed to rate the song from awesome to lame. If a song gets much of the lame votes then it is skipped. Turntable enhances the users social experience. It allows you to chat with people in the room, or you could also become fan of your favorite DJs. You can also help people to discover some great musical experience or could simply sit and listen to the best online music.

The users,who are interested, can download turntable from the Google play. The app is available for free and requires android 2.2 or above. The 2.1 version of the app is available for download as a 9.9 MB file.


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