Saturday, May 26, 2012

Best Android Tablets of 2012

android tablets
Till date many Android Tablets have been introduced with many features, but among them few only now stands to be recognized as the best. Those Android tabs which are cumbersome did not get much popularity this year. The small, tiny tablets got famous as they are easy to carry and use. The best thing about those 7-inch Tablets, which are both comfortable and easy to use, is the fact that they also contain the right apps to keep its users updated.

Heres our list of best Android Tablets for 2012:

Samsung Galaxy tab 7.0 Plus: This tab is one of the most useful ones, which consists of a dual core processor and with a design is sleek enough to fit in the pocket. It weighs as light as 345g only. More features will be added to this tab in the near future. One can also use this as a television remote controller.

Ainol Novo 7 Aurora: This one comes from a Chinese company, but is considered as a better Chinese brand and is good for starters. It has a mini HDMI output, which goes well with the IPS display and consists of 1GB RAM. Ainol Novo 7 Aurora also does consist of the Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich interface. Its price is quite low compared to the features it comes with. Thus, the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora can be termed as a great value for money.

Nook Tablet: With this tablet comes a microphone for voice recording. This Barnes and Nobel product comes in the way of many classy tablets. This tablet is very useful for gaming purposes and also for reading and browsing purposes.

Toshiba Thrive 7: This one has a very chunky look for which many would not like it, but for low budgeters, it is a great one with an interface of Honeycomb and display with 1200800 pixels.

Kindle Fire: This one is a basic tablet with an 8GB memory best for reading and for entertainment. Though it does not have a microphone or a camera, but then it is also one of the best sellers. The primary reason for this is that one will get a wide variety of choices from the Amazon app store.

Huawei MediaPad: This tablet is a nice one as it has high resolution display and a 5mp camera. The biggest news is that it has a greater possibility to get equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich interface soon.


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