Saturday, May 26, 2012

Microsoft Office application for iPad and Android Tabs to be available by November

When it comes to increasing the market share and recital of a product, one may uncover an answer someplace, no matter if it is from a pal or an enemy.

That is what the software giant Microsoft guesses in bettering the market prospective of the productivity function from its stables, the good old Microsoft Office Suit.

No matter how many different productivity application programs are accessible on smartphone and tablet platforms, everyone first mulls over the Microsoft Office suit because of its early emergence and popularity during the PC age.

At present, the Microsoft is making plans to roll out the Office Suite application for two of its competitor platforms comprising Android and iOS.

In a manner, the company cannot assist itself launching an edition for iOS and Android devices looking at the rising fame of those platforms in the tablet and smartphone market.

So as part of having some advantages from the augmentation of the competitors, Microsoft proposes to make their footmarks on these platforms by the coming November when they introduce Office for both Android tablets as well as iPads.

But, the Office application from the company will lift up harsh challenge to subsisting productivity application programs from CloudOn and OnLive apps that are already obtainable for these tablets.

The November timing of the launch also is ideal since they are busy with Metro-styled Office for Windows 8 tablets that is rumored to witness the days light in October.

Even though reports hint that the November launch will bring out Office for iPad, it appears that it may suit any device working on certain editions of iOS.


Via: Microsoft Office application for iPad and Android Tabs to be available by November


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