Saturday, May 26, 2012

A million Android Tablets for Thailand School kids ordered

The government of Thailand is looking towards expanding the dimension of education in their country and henceforth will be making use of the latest technologies hitting the market. It is being said that Thailand has ordered millions of Android-powered Tablets for its students.

Android is the newest hype in the market with every second Smartphone being powered by Android operating system. Aakash Tablet which happens to be an Indian venture has attained new heights in the education industry over the past few years.

The total amount estimated to be involved in the deal is said to be a staggering $32.8 million and over 400K tablets will be on their way within the next 90 days. The next installment of the deal will bring in another 530K tablets for $33 million. Each tablet will be priced at $81 and the demand has been made to Shenzhen Scope which happens to be an enterprise for manufacturing tablet PCs in China.

Coming to the specifications of the Scopad SP0712, it boasts of a 1.5 GHz processor, 8GB storage space and a 1GB ram. It is being said that the rate of production has increased manifold and the manufacturer is belting out almost 24,000 tablets per day.


Via: A million Android Tablets for Thailand School kids ordered


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