Saturday, May 26, 2012

Google planning to set up alliance with 5 OEMs for multiple Nexus Android tablets

Google is said to be one of the leading market holders at the moment but there is something that it still has to leave a mark upon. It is the Android market that is the talk of the time at the moment. Google has yet to make its presence felt in the Android tablet market and is planning to launch Nexus Android Tablet at a base price of $149. In case of Smartphone industry, Google had Samsung as its ally and Nexus Smartphone was developed which had Android operating system.

Google it seems has set its eyes on not one or two, but five manufacturers of Android Tablets and will be sealing alliance treaty with them soon. The Nexus series of devices has taken Google to new heights and this is one reason why Google is able to hold onto multiple OEMs for the development of Nexus Android Tablets. Though Google could not sell many units of Nexus Smartphone, yet those who went for Nexus Smartphone units were surely not disappointed owing to the fact that it had the latest Android version installed in it which gave the user unbound access to millions of applications available on Android store online. At present, there are just two companies that are related to Nexus and those are HTC and Samsung.

Google had been trying to get their hands on the Motorola Mobility in order to increase the efficiency of usage of Android OEMs but this did not turn tables for them. Initially Google was planning to take the trajectory of Apple and provide end-user solution solely by itself. So now since Google has an impressive count of OEMs, thus it can advance ahead towards making one of the best Tablet PCs in the market. Apple presently leads the Tablet market but Google has its own set of plans to overthrow Apple which might take some time but is utterly possible.

Nexus has taken Google a long way and made them aim for Android Tablets from Android operated Smartphone. Google along with its five manufacturers plans to put together a detailed portfolio o f the new Nexus Tablets that it will be manufacturing. It has been a long time since Google was planning to expand its network into the Android market which is said to be one of the fastest developing markets in the world with every second phone having Android activated in it. The consumers who have used Nexus Smartphone would definitely praise the Nexus Tablet whenever it is released as the Tablet will be having more features than that of the Smartphone.

The five manufacturing allies have not yet been disclosed and Google is still claiming that the talks are undergoing till date. There is a lot of hype that is circulating around Nexus Tablets as it will be one of the first Android Tablets to be launched by Google. And adding to that, it will be the first Tablet release by Google.


Via: Google planning to set up alliance with 5 OEMs for multiple Nexus Android tablets


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